The Truth About Yoga

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Many people used tell me they didn’t want to practice yoga with me because they’ve “seen my Instagram page” and they don’t have the flexibility I showcase in some of my photos.

This made me realize I’m portraying a false image of what it means to practice yoga (or what it looks like when I practice yoga), benefit from yoga and fall in love with yoga.

The photo on the left, king pigeon, is a pose I will take in yoga class occasionally only after I am fully warmed up and am looking to open my chest and hips further.

The photo on my right, happy baby, is a pose I almost always take in yoga class towards the end as a final hip opener and another way to open up my chest (and just feel carefree like happy baby haha).

Both are yoga. Both are right. Both make your body feel great if practiced properly! Most importantly, practicing one pose over the other doesn’t make you “better” at yoga. Yoga is for all levels and is individual to your unique and beautiful body. Never be afraid to show up and begin your journey! Share with me your experience with starting your yoga journey below!!  

Xo Melis

Melissa Eckman1 Comment