Does Your Lower Back Hurt?


Does your lower back hurt?! I want to help you ease lower back pain and stretch out such a hard to reach area that holds so much tension!!

If you work at a desk, sit in the car for a long period of time, or stand on your feet most of the day - your lower back is easily affected and has a lot of pressure put on it every single day! You can help prevent and relieve back pain with some of these fun stretches that feel so good!!

Here are my top 6 lower back stretches:
1. Simple Supine Twist 
2. Reclined Pigeon
3. Seated Forward Fold
4. Cat Pose / Cow Pose
5. Downward Dog 
6. Puppy Pose

I hope you will try out these stretches/yoga poses and let me know which pose below feels the best for stretching out your lower back!! Make sure to share with your friend who always tells you their lower back is hurting!! I hope this helps !!