Do You Have Tight Hip Flexors?


Do your hip flexors feel tight or cause you discomfort?! These simple exercises will help ease tight hips & hip flexors and stretch out such a hard to reach area that holds so much tension!!

Your hip flexors are a group of muscles on top of your thigh that connect your upper leg to your hip. We use these muscles for almost every movement involving your lower body and on top of sitting most of the day - these muscles may ALWAYS feel tight!!

Here are my top 6 hip flexor stretches (they feel so good!!):

1. Standing Quad Stretch 
2. Hip Circles
3. Low Lunge 
4. Pigeon Pose
5. Butterfly Stretch 
6. Happy Baby

I hope you will try out these stretches/yoga poses and let me know which pose below feels the best for stretching out your hip flexors!! I hope this helps !!