Are You Too Tired to Function?


Feeling tired in the morning when you wake up?! I’ve got 10 easy energizing stretches to help wake you up in the morning!!!

This morning I woke up SO tired (I could barely open my eyes!), as I slowly got out of bed I decided to do a few stretches to wake me up and get my blood flow moving to kick start my day! After this sequence I felt AMAZING!! Here are my morning stretches to wake you up!:

  1. Start with ankle, knee and arm circles: about 10 for each body part.

  2. Standing side stretch: 15-30 seconds each side.

  3. High Plank Knee Taps: 10 times

  4. Downdog Stretch and Downdog Ankle Stretch: Hold 15-30 seconds each

  5. Standing Forward Fold Series: Play around here for a minute trying different variations!

  6. Cat/Cow Series: 10 Rounds

  7. Quick Wrist Stretch

  8. Seated Pigeon: 20 seconds each side

  9. Reverse Table Top: 15 seconds

  10. Seated Neck Rolls with Clasped Hands: 5 times each side!

Try these out & let me know how you feel!