Feeling stressed out? Stretch & breathe!

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Feeling stressed out today!?!

To keep calm this week, I am taking time to breathe and stretch!! After doing these exercises today I felt so relaxed and wanted to share them with you!!:

1. Start with seated stretches for your neck, shoulders and arms. I hold so much tension in my neck/shoulders that it feels so good to gently stretch it out! I held each stretch here about 15-30 seconds. 
2. Come to standing and go into a wide forward fold twist stretch and then a wide forward fold stretch. Letting the blood flow rush to your head can instantly calm you down and clear your mind. I love these two poses! 
3. Next I transitioned into eagle pose. This stretch is relaxing for two reasons: 1) it can help stretch knots in your back 2) it takes intense focus to balance so it keeps your mind off of what’s stressing you out! 
4. Next I do a seated forward fold before heading into my wall series. I love to hold this for about a minute! 
5. I love practicing pigeon up on the wall! I did each side for 45 seconds. Now depending on where you’re at with timing, spend the rest of your time with your legs up the wall taking deep inhales and exhales. I stayed in this position for about 7 minutes and it felt amazing!!

Try these out and let me know how if you feel relaxed after and make sure to share with a friend who told you how stressed out they are!! 

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