Feeling Bloated, Tired & Full After a Big Meal?

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Feeling tired, bloated and full after a big meal?! These simple exercises will help digestion, reduce bloat and bring back your energy!!

Today after a big lunch, I was feeling so lethargic and bloated. Instead of giving in and laying on the couch, I decided to get moving with this sequence and help my body digest quickly with some of my favorite exercises!!

Here are my top 9 stretches to aid digestion:

1. Bridge Pose 
2. Supine Twist
3. Happy Baby
4. Cow Pose
5. Plank Pose 
6. Sphinx Pose
7. Downward Dog
8. Upward Dog
9. Childs Pose

I hope you will try out these stretches/yoga poses and let me know which pose below feels best!! 

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