Want to Increase Your Flexibility?

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You don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga or stretch! It’s actually the complete opposite: we have to stretch and/or practice yoga to help our bodies achieve more range of motion. Here are some incredible modifications if you are feeling pain or limited mobility in your standing forward fold and build flexibility!:

1. For Tight Hamstrings: Try bending your knees! This will help increase hamstring flexibility by training without straining. Try a dynamic motion like straightening and bending - your hamstrings and your hamstrings will loosen up in no time!
2. For Beginners: Use a chair or block under your hands! A chair is a great prop because it has different levels! You can start at the top of your chair, work your way to the seat and then to the legs! You can focus and set goals every time you stretch!
3. For lower back pain: Use a blanket between your legs! This will help you engage your legs and hips to take pressure off your back and allow you to go deeper in this pose

Which one would you try?! I love them all!! Tell me below ! Xo Melis