Do You Suffer From Headaches or Migraines?

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Do you suffer from headaches or a migraines?! These simple stretches to help alleviate your head pain, reduce tension, and help you feel better!!

I have suffered from migraines my whole life!! When I feel one coming on I know my whole day could be ruined. Instead of grabbing for the aspirin first - lately I have been doing these amazing stretches and they truly help! By practicing these stretches you are circulating more blood flow to your brain, releasing tight muscles that cause headaches, and taking time to breathe!!

Here are my top stretches for headaches!:

1. Seated Neck Stretches x 30 seconds each side
2. Cat/Cow Series x 10 rounds
3. Forward Fold x 45 seconds
4. Legs Up The Wall x 1 minutes - 3 minutes
5. Optional: Reverse Prayer x 20 seconds
6. Optional: Headstand (or try up against a wall) for 15-30 seconds
7. Child’s Pose x 30 seconds massaging your forehead on the mat.

Repeat this series if needed OR go straight into savasana for 5 minutes!

Would you try these to alleviate your head pain? Some other great tips are taking time away from your screen (phone & tv) and drink water! What do you usually do to get rid of a headache?!