Do You Have Wrist Pain From Texting & Typing?


Do your wrists hurt from a long day of texting, typing, and/or writing?! 

Everyday we are using our wrists for so many things. Over time, these motions can create weakness and stiffness in your wrists and fingers. As someone who works on their phone & computer a lot, it’s so important at the end of the day I’m stretching my wrists out!! 

Here are my top 5 wrist stretches:

1. Forward fold with hands slid palm side down under your feet. There are so many variations here, do what feels best for you! I love to use my toes to massage my wrists and rock back and forth!

2. Extended Arm: reach your arm out palm facing down and with your free hand gently press your fingers towards the floor. Hold for 30 seconds each side. 

3. Interlaced hands behind back. This is a great additional stretch for your fingers too!!

4. Table Top with fingers facing towards you! Do gentle circles to open up wrists, make sure you go easy at first to test your flexibility here first!

5. Plank with hands facing towards feet. This one is more advanced but really helps to strengthen your wrists!

Which stretch would you try?! Comment below and make sure to share with a friend you text with all the time 🙏🏼😜

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