10 Uses for a Yoga Block

I love to use blocks in my yoga practice for so many different reasons: they bring the ground closer to you so you can feel an amazing stretch, help to increase flexibility, and  - most importantly - reduce injury!

Here are 10 poses you can try right now with a block:

1. Forward Fold
2. Triangle Pose
3. Half Moon Pose
4. Low Lunge Twist
5. Intense Side Stretch Pose
6. Vinyasa (Chaturanga to Upward Dog to Downward Dog)
7. Seated Forward Fold
8. Camel Pose
9. Bridge Pose
10. Savasana

Blocks can make these poses more restorative or more challenging, but most importantly: blocks will help you to feel how the pose is supposed to feel! Don’t just accept that you feel pain or discomfort in a certain area of your body - learn to modify! 

Which pose would you try?! Is there another pose you like to use blocks in? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xo Melis