Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

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1. My hands are way too far forward and straight causing my shoulders to come up by my ears and compression in the back of my neck. To align your hands properly make sure when you are lying on your stomach your hands are right next to your chest. When you press up it is so important to keep a bend (can be a large or small bend) in your arms. Straight arms are for upward facing dog pose only. Additionally, make sure hands aren’t turned out but facing forward. 

2. My legs are splayed out and I’m squeezing my butt. Legs should be hip-width apart and parallel and butt should always be relaxed. To keep legs parallel, try lifting the inner thighs up toward the ceiling and lengthening through the backs of the legs.

3. I am dumping into the low back, causing crunching in my lower spine. Make sure to lift through your chest and lengthen your spine to create space. You can do this by pressing your shoulder blades back and down and spreading your collarbones. Keep a proud chest with shoulders pulled back! 


Place a block longways in between your ankles to ensure legs are staying parallel and active. This will prevent your legs from splaying out!