Netflix & Stretch


Do you watch TV?! If the answer is yes, then you have to try these incredible full body stretches while you’re watching your favorite show to improve flexibility & mobility, give you energy and release tension!!

1. Seated Cat/Cow pose: This will help to loosen your shoulders and get your heart rate up! x 20 rounds or two commercials
2. Seated Pigeon: This will stretch out your hip flexors and glutes x 1 minute each side
3. Seated Bound Angle Neck Stretch: This will stretch your hips and neck, eliminating tension from your full body! x 45 seconds each side
4. Lotus Side Stretch (can modify in a simple seated pose): This will stretch out your entire side body giving you energy and tension release! x 30 seconds each side 
5. Boat pose with Stretch: This not only stretches your hamstrings but also builds balance and strengthens your core! It’s a win/win!! x 20 seconds or the last minute of your show before you get up!

These are so easy & fun to try and can truly make a huge difference if you do them everyday while you sit down to watch TV!! What shows are you currently watching???