Is Your Lower Back Bothering You?

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Is your lower back bothering you?! If so you should take a few minutes today to stretch out your back, hips and relax the muscles surrounding your back!

I want you to try these amazing stretches if you’re feeling any lower back pain or tension!!

1. Ragdoll Forward Fold x 1 minute 
2. Child’s Pose with side stretch x 30 seconds each side 
3. Single Leg Stretch x 1 minute each leg
4. Happy Baby x 45 seconds
5. Knee Windshield Wipers x 10 times
6. Half Pigeon Pose x 1 minute each side
7. Wide Leg Forward Fold x 30 seconds

Lower back pain is super common and sometimes can be cause by surrounding muscles such as tight hamstrings, hips and upper back! I love these stretches because they truly hit every muscle that could be affecting your back pain!

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