Is Spending Too Much on Your Phone Causing Tech Neck?

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Are you always on your phone?! If so you may have noticed your fingers cramping, wrist pain, slumped shoulders and text neck from holding your head downwards for long periods of time!

Follow these 6 amazing stretches if you’re feeling any of the above OR want to prevent these pains (and bad posture) from happening!!

1. Extended Arm Wrist Curls x 30 seconds each side 
2. Neck Stretch (Right, Left, Down, & Up) x 5 times
3. Prayer to Inverted Prayer x 10 times
4. Thread The Needle x 45 seconds each side
5. Extended Puppy Pose x 30 seconds 
6. Wrists Under Feet Forward Fold x 10 breaths

Of course a non-stretch tip is to make sure your setting some guidelines in place to reduce screen time such as avoiding mindless scrolling, shutting your phone off at a certain time, and not using it at meals with your loved ones!