Side Plank Variations


When I first started taking yoga I hated thinking if I couldn’t do the EXACT yoga pose the instructor (or everyone in the room) was practicing, that I was a failure. I would get so hard on myself and it would hinder me from showing up to classes. I don’t want this to happen to any of you so I want to remind you of 2 important things:

1. You are not defined by a yoga pose. Yoga is not a flexibility or strength competition but a journey of self-growth that is unique to YOU!

2. Every yoga pose has more than 3 variations! If it isn’t the textbook variation of the pose it falls under a modification or advanced form. Either way you have OPTIONS! Today I’m going to break down 3 options for side plank pose that you can take when your practicing this pose at home or in class! 

Option 1: Bottom knee on the ground. This is great if you experience wrist pain in side plank or you just don’t feel strong enough yet to have both legs stacked. Start here and build your core and arm strength to eventually lift up if you want to advance in this pose!

Option 2: This is your textbook form of side plank with legs stacked. This is always a great option to practice if you are looking to build core strength and move on to a more advanced pose!

Option 3: Tree Pose Side Plank. Looking to challenge your strength? Bring your top leg into tree pose while maintaining good form! This will improve balance and work your obliques!

Something to keep in mind is that ALL of these poses represent YOGA and practicing one pose over the other doesn’t make you “better” at yoga. Know your options and listen to your body!

If you want more yoga tips make sure to like this photo and leave a comment below which option you would choose! Xo Melis

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