My Body is Changing

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My body is changing...and that’s OK!

I used to measure my year over year success in yoga (and fitness) by increased strength, flexibility and weight loss. I essentially thought I was invincible going into a hard yoga pose without warming up and just treating my my body like it could never fail me.

As things in my life began to shift, I started treating my body better. If a pose doesn’t feel good and only looks good for a photo - I don’t want to do it and if I want to work towards becoming more flexible for myself - I will.

I no longer want to prove flexibility at the expense of my body and because of that my body has regressed in the movements i’m able to do. I do want to gain flexibility and strength in the RIGHT ways and be able to breath, focus and feel amazing in any shape I choose to put my body into. 

You only get one body, make sure your treating it with love, respect and honesty.

All my love! Xo Melis

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