Monkey Pose (Hanumanasana)


Splits can be so challenging and require a mix of proper form, flexibility and strength to master them. Many times I see people practicing the wrong form which will hinder them from reaching their goals and increasing flexibility. Here are the form mistakes:

1. I am leaning to the side in order to touch my legs to the ground. Leaning to the side won’t engage or stretch your hamstrings and could cause pain to your hips! In splits pose you need to stay upright with equal weight on both sides of your body! If you can’t touch the ground, try these modifications:


Modifications in proper form are the key to building up to a full split!! Use blocks (or a rolled up towel) under your front leg or under your hands. I promise over time you will get to your full splits!!!

2. My legs are turned out and I’m not engaging them. It is so important that in splits your front knee continues to face up and your back inner thigh actively rotates down. This will help your hips stay square and give you the stretch you are supposed to feel! Make sure your actively shooting energy out your toes to keep your legs engaged to avoid groin injury!

3. I’m leaning forward in my chest instead of lifting through the crown of my head! Make sure you are engaging your abs always to keep yourself up right and to keep your tailbone rooting down! It’s a lot to think about but will help to stabilize you and build flexibility!

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