Reverse Prayer Pose (Pashchima Namaskarasana)

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Increase flexibility & strength in your arms, chest and shoulders just by working towards Reverse Prayer Pose! If you want to learn how to practice the AFTER pose try the modified BEFORE version first...

Here is a step-by-step guide for how you to first get into the modified pose & then transition into reverse prayer hands:

1. Stand in mountain pose and bend your knees slightly. 

2. Relax your shoulders, bringing your hands behind your back & grabbing the opposite elbow in opposite hands. Take 5 deep breaths. If you feel this is enough for your body stay here! If you want to go to full reverse prayer...

3. Slowly join your palms together in prayer pose with your finger tips facing down. 

4. As you inhale, slowly turn your fingertips in toward your spine until they face up.
5. Breathe here and when you’re ready, slowly come out the way you came in!

This pose will help prepare you or deeper heart openers like backbends because it stretches open your core, shoulders & chest. Reverse prayer hands will also improve your posture & help to build strength!