Center Splits (Samokanasana)

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 11.36.39 AM.png

I LOVE splits because they release tension in your hamstrings, help lengthen your muscles and improve core strength & posture! In the "before" photo above there are some major issues here that could cause pain, discomfort and hinder you from going deeper in your splits:

1. My legs are not engaged! Sometimes in straddle splits we are so focused on the stretch we feel in our groin and hamstrings, that we forget to engage the legs! Make sure you are flexing your quads, spinning your inner thighs outward and rooting down through your calves. You will notice more flexibility develop if you continue to do this!

2. In the "before" photo I’m not creating length in my spine or engaging my core! Most people think that splits are all about flexibility, but they are also about strength. Your core is the center of the straddle so make sure to lift up through your spine and flex those abs! Pulling your shoulder blades back and down and lifting out of the crown of your head will feel so good in this stretch! 

3. My feet are limp! It is one of the most important form corrections in splits to flex your feet and to have your toes and knees pointing up. Naturally our feet and legs want to roll forward, but you must counteract by bringing them back up to feel the full stretch!

Modifications: Use a wall! Face the wall and press your feet up against them in your widest straddle split. Practice everything above and you’ll be trying it off the wall in no time! Was this helpful? Make sure to leave a comment below!