Breaking Down King Pigeon

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 4.52.42 AM.png

1. Come into half pigeon on the ground. For more advanced, create a right angle with the leg in front. For more modified, bring your foot closer to your body. Lift up through your chest and create length in your upper body. 

2. Bend your back leg up and grab it with both hands. Keep your chest lifting up and stay here for 5 breaths to let your hips open. 

3. Place your same leg hand on the ground for lift and stability. If releasing the other hand makes it difficult to breathe, stop here, or use a strap around your back foot. 

4. Once you feel comfortable and your hips are open, begin to simultaneously move your elbow of the arm holding your back foot up and over your head as you press up through your chest and let your head gently fall back. Breathing and lifting through your chest is so important to keep you calm and focused in this pose!


Remember: when you are ready to come out of the pose, do it gently and come out the way you came in! Injury typically occurs when people rush out of a pose. Be mindful!