Breaking Down Full Wheel

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 4.50.57 AM.png

1. Lay on your back, 
Hands by your shoulders,
 Fingertips pointing down to your feet, 
Feet hip-width apart and parallel.
2. Press onto the crown of your head, 
Elbows stay in line with your wrists. 

3. Pressing down through all four corners
Of your feet and your hands, press up into the wheel. Keep knees and elbows hip-width apart. 
(don’t let them splay out!) 
Feet and hands stay planted!

4. Once up in the pose, press energetically through your chest. Never sink into the lower back. 
Spread your collarbones and press your shoulder blades into your back. 

Remember: when you are ready to come out of the pose, do it gently and come out the way you came in! Injury typically occurs when people rush out of a pose. Be mindful!