Breaking Down Forearm Headstand

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 4.54.04 AM.png

1. Interlace your fingers and place them on the ground about 6 inches from the wall. Your elbows should be shoulder-width apart. Cradle the top of your head in your hands and then prop up onto the balls of your feet! 

2. Begin to walk your feet closer to your face and then gently float your feet up to the wall, 
Knees bent, core engaged. 

3. Keeping your weight evenly distributed through your arms and lifting up through your shoulders, begin to carefully take one foot off the wall with an energetically flexed foot. 

4. Once you feel comfortable (and stable) float the other foot to meet your foot in the air. Glue your inner thighs together and engage your core. Make sure you are breathing and actively engaging your arms and thighs. If you want to stay in a headstand for a longer period, your weight should be distributed 80% in your head and 20% in your arms.


Remember: when you are ready to come out of the pose, do it gently and come out the way you came in! Injury typically occurs when people rush out of a pose. Be mindful!