How to Transform Your Hair

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HAIR!! I have been wanting to write about this topic for quite some time. My hair has been on an incredible journey and I am so happy to share with you. I have been coloring my hair since I was in high school. I am an original brunette and started with highlights which moved into full blown bleaching my hair and has now turned into a natural blonde. (Thanks to my good friend and celebrity colorist and stylist Ramsay Robert.)

My hair journey has been tough. At one point my hair was so thin and brittle that I bought clip in extensions and refused to leave the house without them. I was frustrated and tired of fighting with my hair (but still wanted it to be blonde). I have teamed up with the amazing Ramsay Robert to answer some of your hair questions, share how I keep my hair healthy and show you some of our favorite products (and my secret product that turned my hair around!!!)

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Tips for going brunette to blonde without damaging your hair?

Ramsay: “The best way to get from brunette to blonde is a gradual progression of highlights. The process can take 3-4 salon visits to keep the hair’s integrity. Olaplex should always be used in coloring hair lighter and after color treatments to prevent breakage.”

Ramsay Recommends:

“I use Schwarzkopf Rescue Repair Sealed Ends Cream applied mid shaft and ends of hair. This products also acts as a heat protectant”

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Tips for keeping color hair healthy?

Ramsay: Using a color treated shampoo and conditioner is VITAL. Monthly color glosses are important for color to stay vibrant and fresh.

Ramsay Recommends:

“I use Unite Purple Shampoo for added brightness to Melissa’s blonde. I also use Kevin Murphy for conditioner it is perfect for thin colored hair. Lastly, before I blowdry I always use 7 second leave in conditioner to comb out the hair and prep for blowdry.”

Tips for Volume? 

Ramsay: Clean hair provides the best volume. When drying, dry 80% of the hair upside down for maximum lift. Using a dry texturizing spray at the root to finish off the look.

Ramsay Recommends:

Kenra Volume Spray is great for any fly aways or to hold a specific style in place.  I always add Unite Dry Texture to the hair once dried for additional volume at the root and lightly through the end.

Tips for Growing Hair? 

Ramsay: Getting “air” cuts every 2 months. Air cuts simply dust the ends to remove any split ends.

Ramsay Recommends: 

“All Ibiza Brush products are great for your hair!”

Ramsay is incredible at what he does! I am so happy with the health and volume of my hair currently! I am so excited for him to contribute regularly on MelisFit for all of us that need the hair help!! (I know I do!)


One product line I want to add that I personally use as well (that is all natural!!) and saved my hair is Phylia De M. When my hair was at it’s lowest point, using their products helped bring my hair back to life. It is on the more expensive side, but I purchased their 3 step kit 4 years ago in hopes of saving my hair and it truly did. I still purchase it to this day and think it is an amazing all natural product. I can’t say enough great things about their products. If you are stressed and your hair is falling out or you just can’t seem to grow your hair, check out their amazing connect product and also their amazing shampoo and conditioner. This is my secret hair weapon!


Lots of love (and hair!), Melis.

Ramsay Robert is located in Beverly Hills, CA Appointments: 323.505.8215

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