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Hi my name is Melissa and I suffered from Cystic Acne.

If you’re not sure what cystic acne is, it is basically defined as oil trapped under your skin that forms a big, red, hard pimple. Sometimes you can’t even see it, but you can absolutely feel it. Cystic acne is painful, can take months to heal and leave scars. In addition to cystic acne on my chin, I also suffer from bacne, blackheads and white heads. Have I successfully grossed you out yet? Anyway this post isn’t to complain. This post is to tell you how I have been miraculously able to clear up my skin!! No gimmicks, no quick fix products, real advice that can help transform your skin.

When I first moved to LA, I started getting cystic pimples all the time on my chin and back. For months and months I couldn’t figure out how to beat it. After spending hours researching on the internet and trying every product under the sun I am here to present to you my top tips that helped clear my skin and beat the cycle of cystic acne, bacne and overall acne proned skin.

  1. BE CONSISTENT:  My biggest mistake when I started to have reoccurring breakouts was trying every product on the shelf. If one product didn’t work right away I would try another and then another and then another. I was actually making the problem worse because my skin wasn’t able to get used to any products and allowing them to work or balance my skin. I learned that it takes a good 30 days for a product to start working. You have to be patient with the products you are using. I use a simple 3 step system that is meant for workout, acne prone skin: 123FRÉ Set. Consistently using this has made a huge difference in my skin especially because it is a quality product.
  2. Use QUALITY products: This is not an ad for one magical product that will clear up your skin. The truth is everyone’s skin is different and has different needs. For me I use 123FRÉ Set because it is geared towards women who workout. This is perfect for me, because sweating so much creates the trapped oil in my skin that was causing me to break out. Make sure to do some research and read reviews online (with a grain of salt LOL). My top favorite lines to use are FRÉ Skin CareDermalogica and EO products.
  3. Eliminate TANNING: I hate this one. I mean I really really hate this one. I am so embarrassed to share how much I love being tan and I even still used tanning beds from time to time over the past few years. I love how quick tanning can clear up a break out and a quick fix to make your skin look luminous. However, this makes breakouts SO much worse and is only a temporary fix (I’ve learned the hard way). You are basically destroying your skin for the long run. If you are going out in the natural sun use SPF and if you are using tanning beds (PLEASE STOP!). I know it is easier said than done but when I stopped tanning the flareups stopped all together. Again it takes time, but it helps.
  4. Don’t TOUCH Your Pimples: I hate this one too, mostly because I love popping pimples. However, you need to learn to co-exist with your pimples and not be tempted to pop them and/or touch them. I started a new rule that I would’t pop any of my pimples. I would literally show up to castings, meetings and social settings with white heads on my face. I noticed that I kept getting breakouts in the same area on my chin. This was because every time I would force pop my cystic pimples, the bacteria would spread to a spot right next to the old pimple and it would build a new home there. I wish I was kidding. Let your pimples run their course and get crafty with makeup (Acne makeup tutorial coming soon).
  5. Don’t wait to see a DERMATOLOGIST: Even without breakouts, I go to the dermatologist every 6 months to a year to have my skin checked out and make sure everything is ok. Seeing a dermatologist is very important to me! If nothing else is working on your acne, don’t be afraid to check in with a doctor. There are many amazing prescription topical creams that can help reduce scarring, inflammation and redness and also help to eliminate acne that is stemming from another issue like hormones, bacteria or an internal issue. Also if you have a big event coming up they can inject cystic pimples with cortisone to help them heal faster. I am not a doctor, but if you need further help with your skin, that is what dermatologists are there for. Mine has given me great advice, peace of mind and helped in my skin recovery.
  6. Track your habits: Little things in your life could be causing your acne. This one may seem vague but you may be able to pinpoint something that is triggering your breakouts. If you have a hunch that something is causing you to break out, make sure to write it down and stay on top of it. Also make sure you are cleaning your makeup brushes, pillow cases, and towels regularly. Anything small you can do to help make a big difference in your skin. Everyone is different, so you need to take a look at your life and see what could maybe be adding to your consistent breakouts. It could also the products you are using which takes us back to tip 1 & 2 on trying something new that is quality and being consistent!

I know how hard having acne prone skin is. I hope these tips can help you find a way to clear up any issues you may be having. Remember, we are all in this together so let’s keep conversation open and I am always here to answer questions. Xo Melis

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