Staying In Shape Over Summer

With so much travel coming up this summer for me it is so important I continue to be healthy, workout, and practice yoga! It is so easy to fall off a consistent schedule or to feel like all of your hard work throughout the year was for nothing. I've partnered with Athleta today to share my fail-proof tips to keep you motivated and healthy no matter where in the world you are!

1. Manage Expectations and Be Flexible! It is so easy to get down on yourself when you miss a day of working out or feel like you don't have time to get sweaty on a busy schedule. However, when you're traveling things come up unexpectedly and you have to be able to give yourself a break. On days that I am traveling (flying, driving etc) I plan that I won't be working out that day (unless I have time before I leave). You never know what could happen with delays and you don't want to be stressed if that means having to miss a workout at the hotel gym or relaxing sunset yoga flow - sometimes it's just not possible and don't worry you'll get there the next day!

Fun Tip: Stuck at the airport? Find a quiet corner to sit and meditate. If a gate isn't being used, no-one will be there! 

2. Use your surroundings as your gym! For me it is so difficult to commit to going to a gym while on vacation. This is a great time to switch it up and explore around town! I will put on my workout clothes and sneakers and just head out of town - before you know it you will have walked up 8-10 miles throughout the day. This is just as great as 30 minutes to an hour in the gym. Again this goes back to being flexible and switching it up can be a great thing! 



Fun Tip: Find a local studio to try out outside of the hotel if you want more of a sweat. Whenever I go somewhere new I see what studios are in the area and set up a class! It kills two birds with one stone!

3. Pack your necessities! If I want to stay active on vacation I have to make sure I have the right gear with me! I have been taking these Fearless Swirl Shorties from Athleta on vacation because they don't take up much room in my suitcase, fit amazing and have a pocket for my phone! Having activewear that makes you want to get up and go is so important when you could be your least motivated. I also have to have my sneakers & headphones.



Fun Tip: Pack a workout outfit that excites you everyday so that everyday you have a new outfit to try out (and take fun photos in!) you can shop more at 

What are your travel vacation tips? Share with me in the comments below! 


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