How I am Getting Ready For The Wedding (Diet & Exercise!)


How am I going to look and feel my best on my wedding day?!! My wedding is about 2 months away and that if I want to look and feel my best I need to make sure I am taking my workouts & diet seriously over the next few months! 

My thoughts on getting ready for a big event is that you should never crash diet or burn yourself out right before because it isn't sustainable and not a lifestyle you can keep up with after the big day. Over the past years of my life, I have been transitioning into an overall healthy balanced lifestyle that allows me to always feel ready for a big day and stay pretty consistent. With that being said I am kicking it up just a notch for my wedding because I want to feel the most amazing version of myself on the big day! 

Here is how I am getting ready for my wedding!! 


Barry's Bootcamp: The best workout in the world is Barry's Bootcamp, I am obsessed! I have been a client of Barry's for almost 2 years and it has truly transformed my body and makes me feel so strong!! With my wedding coming up I have been committing to Barry's about 4 days a week. I go on Monday for arms & abs, Wednesday for chest, back and abs, Thursday for abs day, and either Friday or Saturday for Full Body! Barry's incorporates cardio and strength training! 

Pilates/Barre: Barre is one of my favorite low impact workouts. It incorporates toning and stretching which is a perfect counter activity for the high impact of my bootcamp classes. I have been going to barre classes about 2 times per week! Lately I have been going to the ones at my gym but will be making my way back to Pure Barre this week where I used to teach for four years! I love how Barre makes me feel!

Yoga: (To exercise my mind) I am trying to stay as stress-free as possible therefore I am trying my best to stay consistent with yoga. I don't consider yoga a way to stay in shape (I will get into more detail on this on another post) - but it does make me feel strong and help me stay grounded. It is so important to stretch so I try to practice yoga at home or in some of my favorite studios at least 3-5 times a week. 


I LOVE to eat! I have such a hard time giving up foods I absolutely love. However, when I eat certain foods I feel bloated in my face and belly which is not what I want for the big day. Overall I will be keeping my diet consistent which is an 80/20 rule. This means simple, clean healthy food 80% of the time and indulging 20% of the time. A typical day for me includes:

Breakfast: Either a Smoothie, Acai Bowl or Eggs

Lunch: Homemade Salad with Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Avocado, Sweet Potato and Light Protein, or a Turkey Sandwhich

Dinner: Half Roasted Chicken with Salad, Sushi, or Dinner Salad (I love the Impossible Vegan Taco salad from Mendocino Farms). 

About 2 weeks before the wedding I will most likely eat a low carb/no dairy diet. This would only be because those foods make me feel weighed down and bloated. I just want to feel my optimal best self on the big day! 

How do you get ready for a big event? Share with me below!!

Xo, Melis 


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