Has A Number Ever Made You Feel Down?

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Has a number ever made you feel down??

The number you saw on the scale when you weighed yourself after working your butt off in the gym, the number of likes a photo got that you thought was amazing, or the number you see in your bank account after trying to save and budget? There is no bigger let down when the numbers just don’t measure up and you feel like if you could just reach those target numbers (whatever they may be) then your whole life could change and you would be happy.

The truth is the numbers game is a losing game. We all think there is a magic number that is going to change our lives, but it’s so important to know that happiness and fulfillment comes from accepting & loving where you are today and using it as a starting point to reassess and achieve your goals, which shouldn’t always be number based.

Start by searching for what the goal is you really want to achieve. I used to always say - I just want to lose 10lbs. I would say it as if losing 10lbs was going to change my entire life and make all of my dreams come true. However, what I really wanted was to feel confident about myself, feel good in my own skin and to be healthy. There isn’t a number on the scale that was going to give me that. I was already trying my best to be healthy so then I knew I had to put in the work to love what I saw in the mirror no matter what number I see on the scale.

Think in your head about a number that is getting you down. Now think about what the true underlying goal is you want to achieve, write them down, and work towards the bigger goal. There will never be a quantifiable number that you can place on yourself and your life because you are undeniably invaluable and I hope you will always remember that!

Xo Melis

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