Creating My Own Self Care Sanctuary!


One of my New Year Resolutions is to practice more self care every single day. Whether it’s a 15 minute meditation, a morning stretch while listening to my favorite music, or just taking the time to breath - I really want to make everyday special and more relaxing. Since I didn’t have a dedicated place in my house to practice yoga or meditate, I knew I first needed to create the perfect space that would be super inviting to take a few moments for self care and keep my New Year goal! After creating a vision board - I headed over to Walmart to bring my vision to a reality! I absolutely love shopping at Walmart because they have an incredible selection of products and I knew it would be the perfect one stop shop to find everything I needed to create my perfect self care sanctuary!

I knew the space would revolve around the perfect meditation cushion; I wanted it to be comfortable, soft and inviting. Walmart had such a great selection that it was hard to choose. I ultimately went with this Gaiam Zabuton Mediation Cushion in the color Teal (it comes in two other colors) because of the tufted design and how cozy it looked!


To give the space a spa-like ambiance I knew I wanted to incorporate a beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp. Not only do they look beautiful, they are said to have incredible health benefits. The negative salt ions released when you heat Himalayan Salt can make you happier, calm the brain, improve air quality and help you sleep better! Walmart had such a beautiful selection of lamps - I went with this Natural Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp because of the beautiful wood base and the amber color it gives off.


Aromatherapy is a MUST for a relaxing space. I knew having the perfect diffuser and essential oils would set the mood anytime I wanted to mediate or practice yoga in my self care space and elevate the experience. I truly feel like just breathing in essential oils is a form of self care. I picked this beautiful Better Home & Gardens Gold Swirl Cool Mist Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser because of the beautiful array of LED light color changes! Walmart had a great selection in all different price points so it was super easy to find the one that worked best for the space. I also was so excited to see Walmart had some of the top of the line Essential Oils to buy for the diffuser. I went with this Let There Be Peace & Quiet Essential Oils Kit and I am obsessed with the four oils it includes: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and a Peaceful Sleep blend!


I truly couldn’t be happier with how the space turned out. It’s beautiful, calm, relaxing and everything I need to stick to my self care goal and to be the happiest & healthiest version of myself. It was so easy to create this space because of Walmart - it truly was the best place to shop for everything I needed! I have included everything I bought for the space below! I hoe you will take a look and create your own self care sanctuary. We truly all deserve a space where we can shut out the world, focus inward and reset for another amazing day ahead! Xo Melis

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