3 Ways to Be More Mindful

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As winter comes to a close & spring takes its place, you might be feeling the sense of uneasiness that usually accompanies change. And although it can sometimes feel like you’re the only one struggling to balance the demands of work & home - yet still make time for yourself - you’re not. We’re all struggling, therefore we’re all in this together! That’s the beauty of the shared human experience. Tackling this challenge within a group will not only help to motivate you, but will also keep you accountable on your journey!

Not sure where to begin? Try these 3 exercises!

1. Celebrate You

If you’re a perpetually busy person, it can sometimes feel like you’re always looking forward to the next task to be completed: the next appointment to get to or the next email to answer. But what if you set aside some time today to look back? 

Make a list of every single achievement you’ve made from the beginning of your life until now. You can list everything from big events such as graduating from college or winning that coveted award at work to little things such as fitting in your workout this morning or even getting your kid to school in matching clothes! 

You might even regularly complete this exercise at the end of your day, right before bed. Try it tonight! What did you do that made today a win? Sometimes my list is long & detailed & I fall asleep with a sense of accomplishment & satisfaction. Other days, my list is simply “Brushed teeth this morning.” But no matter how big or small, every achievement is worth celebrating! 

2. Listen

How often do you listen to the sounds around you without trying to attach to them or make sense of them? When I’m feeling overwhelmed & close to spiraling, it always helps to close my eyes & open my ears. It doesn’t matter whether the sound filtering in is your coworker typing or the LA traffic or ocean swells mixed with tourist chatter. As long as you let the various sounds wash over you & take a few deep breaths, you’ll be able to calm yourself, reset & recharge. The blare of a car alarm or your upstairs neighbor’s loud music becomes a lot less annoying when you listen without attachment or identification!

3. Take Your Time

Do you ever drive to work without actively thinking about which streets to turn on? Or eat your dinner in front of the television without actually tasting the combination of flavors? Sometimes I go through my whole day without ever experiencing the current moment. I’ll fall into bed & realize I ran through the day entirely on autopilot. On those nights, I remind myself to slow it down the next morning.

By being more mindful in completing everyday tasks, you’re more likely to appreciate this crazy thing called life. Tomorrow morning when you get dressed, pick each article of clothing up, recognize its texture & shape & clothe your body with care. Too often we simply throw our outfit on with no regard for how our clothes truly feel & make us feel. Take your time. Enjoy the sensation of the fabric against your skin & feel gratitude for your wardrobe. It can be so easy to take seemingly small things (like fabric) for granted, but by mindfully appreciating the mundane, you’ll begin to view life through a more positive & appreciative lens!