Restoring My Gut Health


My health is my biggest priority in the New Year and one of the biggest things I am focusing on is my gut health! Gut bacteria imbalance can be caused by low fiber diets, high sugar diets, artificial sweeteners and so many other factors in our everyday lives!

Gut bacteria imbalance can lead to so many negative health consequences such as weight gain, digestive problems (leaky gut, IBS, and more!), excessive hunger and sugar cravings, depression, anxiety, low energy levels AND more!

When searching the market for the RIGHT product to take everyday to keep my gut bacteria in balance and to help me just FEEL good, I found Silver Fern Ultimate Probiotic to be one of the only probiotic on the market that can help battle these issues. I truly felt like I was battling an uphill battle and knew that I could never hit my 2018 health and fitness goals without getting my gut health back on track.


Silver Fern Ultimate Probiotic is formulated to restore your gut health and resolve stomach issues. What sets it apart from other probiotics on the market is it has the right multifunctional, pharmaceutical strains of spore-forming bacteria, capable of surviving past the stomach to arrive alive in the intestinal tract that most probiotics on the market don’t have!


Silver Fern Ultimate Probiotic has now become apart of my everyday routine and I truly have never felt better. My body feels like it is functioning properly, I have less cravings, more energy, and am seeing great results from my workout! Most importantly I don’t feel sick in my stomach everytime after I eat, I feel GOOD! The best part is my friends at Silver Fern have given me and my followers a 50% off code for their incredible product. Use code “MelisFit50” on your first bottle of Silver Fern Ultimate Probiotic (CLICK HERE TO SHOP) and receive 50% off your order! I hope we can take this together and feel our best in 2018! Xo Melis

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