Warming Up with Lululemon

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The great outdoors is my playground for warming up and stretching out every single morning. I like to be outside in the morning to wake my body up and breath fresh air before starting my day. Unfortunately, with these cooler LA climates, it has been a bit of a struggle for me to get outside. I always know I will feel better once I do some morning yoga and stretches outdoors, but I was having a hard time finding clothes that moved with me and kept me warm at the same time. I did some shopping and found my perfect outdoor attire at Lululemon. Not only do their clothes look amazing (I mean how cute is this matching Lululemon Energy Bra and Lululemon Wunder Under Hi-Rise Pant), but also the layering pieces are sleek, warm, and allow me to move without thinking about the weather (like this GORGEOUS white Scuba Hoodie IV).

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Now that I am back outside here are some fun ways to warm up outdoors in the morning:

  1. Open my shoulders, chest and heart

If you’re like me, I sleep in many different positions throughout the night. It is so important to realign your posture in the morning. I love to open my chest and practice strong posture for the rest of the day with reverse prayer (use a strap or just hold hands behind your back for a beginners’ variation!).

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I also make sure to open my chest and shoulders by doing some form of a back bend. Beginners – try out a simple bridge or slight standing backbend – if you’re advanced use what is around you outside to get a deeper stretch through your chest.

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2. Warm Up Your Core

I am all about getting some ab work in before I start the day. I love high planks because they are a full core workout. Try this quick fun workout in a high plank:

Set the timer for one minute.

Come into a high plank.

Take a nice deep inhale on the exhale lift your right leg up keeping your abs pulled in.

Hold for 30 seconds taking deep breaths.

After 30 seconds repeat with left leg lifted.

Take a 30 second rest, set the timer and repeat again 2 times. This 3-minute ab warmup will have you shaking!

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3. Dance like no one is watching:

The great thing about being outside early in the morning is that most people are sleeping. Get your blood flow going. Jump around, smile, laugh and dance! I am a horrible dancer, but for me it is fun to do a set of 10 easy jumps or even some light jogging.

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If you want to stay stationary, warm up your body with Dancer’s pose:

Stand in Mountain Pose

Bend your right knee until you grab your right foot in your right hand.

Press the top of your right foot into your right hand as you shift forward.

Balance, Breath

(Use what the outdoor provides you, grab onto a railing if you need stability and work towards balancing alone)

Repeat on the left side.

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Bottom line, don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying the outdoors. Brighten up the gloomy or chilly day with clothes from Lululemon that will help you push your body further (and keep you warm!)

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