Jumpstart Your Day

I constantly hear from friends, clients, and family that they “are not a morning person” and working out early in the morning is just not an option for them. I can’t tell you how amazing it can be to get into a routine where you get up early and establish a healthy routine. What I love the most about getting up early in the morning is the quality time I can take for myself before the day gets so crazy. I can’t stress how important it is to take time for yourself every day and close yourself off from the distractions that come in our everyday lives. Hard to see yourself becoming a morning person? Here are my top tips for starting your day while most people are still asleep!

  • Lay out your favorite workout clothes the night before: I can’t even begin to count the amount of mornings in the past I’ve chosen to stay in bed because the thought of getting all the clothes I need to get up and workout makes me even more tired! This is a simple fix: the night before I will set out my favorite workout outfit which is the Cotton On Body Active Printed Core 7/8 Pants and Workout Cardio Crop, both in the print Crazy Brazil. I absolutely love matching sets and this print is so fun it wakes me up!
Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 9.58.14 AM.png
  • Set motivating alarms and place your alarm across the room: I recently learned that you can actually edit your alarms (on most phones) to have a saying with the alarm! This is amazing because you can write something funny or motivating to remind you why you set that alarm. My 6 am workout alarm says: “Beyoncé would already be at the gym by now”. Also setting your alarm away from your bed ensures you have to get up to turn it off. This decreases your chance of hitting the snooze button. Small things like this can make big differences in the morning!
  • Do a workout that you love & makes you want to get out of bed: This is one of my most important tips! Working out and getting your body moving the morning should feel good and most importantly be FUN! If you are dreading going for a run – try an incline walk or a barre class. If your muscles feel sore, skip weight training and go to yoga! Most mornings I love to practice power yoga, which combines strength & stretching. My favorite go to yoga outfit is Cotton On Body Printing Tight in Jungle paired with the Strappy top in Salt & Pepper!
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  • No matter what, stretch every single morning: A healthy routine will always include stretching in the morning. Whether it is yoga or just some of your favorite stretches, stretching plays an integral role for feeling great the rest of your day. Not only will stretching increase your energy levels – it can reduce stress and help you focus for the rest of the day. As my favorite Cotton On Body logo tank says it best – “Drop & Give me ZEN!”
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