How I Get the Best Night Sleep

This year I wanted to make a BIG change to my bedroom with a brand NEW mattress! I was beyond tired (literally and figuratively) of waking up with stiff muscles, a sore neck and being exhausted from tossing and turning most of the night. A mattress is a pretty big deal. You sleep on it every single night and it can have a huge impact on your overall health and wellness. After doing some extensive research I decided to order a tulo mattress.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 6.32.22 AM.png

What makes tulo amazing is they put everything you want in a bed, into a box! They also give you the option to buy online or experience the product in-store. I also loved that I get 120 nights to decide if tulo is the right fit (I knew it was after 1 night!) and you get a 48-hour delivery turnaround!

I also loved the price point and customization. tulo offers affordable price value and THREE comfort level choices. tulo recognizes that there’s no one mattress that fits all, so they use your sleep positions as a baseline for their comfort levels: soft, medium, and firm! I love that tulo believes that “one is not a choice” and that everyone should be able to choose the mattress that provides them with the best night’s sleep based on their needs. For example, I’m a tummy sleeper and my main concern at night is my arms and shoulders falling asleep. After tulo’s mattress quiz analyzes your sleep patterns, it suggests the mattress that’s right for you! tulo recommend medium comfort for me.


When I received my medium comfort mattress I felt like I had been sleeping on the wrong mattress my entire LIFE! It is crazy what the right mattress can do for your overall health and wellness. Each tulo incorporates an exclusive combination of sleep materials that allows your mattress to last longer and relieve pressure better, while you sleep cooler! The first morning I woke up on the tulo mattress I went
to a 6 am workout and had more energy than ever; and then I shot yoga photos all day and my back had never felt so relaxed. I couldn’t be happier I made the switch, and I know my puppy Brady loves it too!! It feels so good to take control of your wellness and make changes in your life that make for a healthier future!