Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 3.02.54 AM.png

1. My feet and legs are a mess in the "Before" photo! My back foot is turned backwards! Your back foot arch should always be in line with your front foot heel! (think heel to arch alignment!) also my front knee is over my ankle, but should be in line with my ankle. This means my stance is too short! Your front knee should always be in line with your front second toe. 

2. My lower back is arched and my core is not engaged! It is important to get rid of any arch in the low back. Bring your tailbone down to the floor and imagine bringing your frontal hip points to your rib cage! Make sure your front knee doesn't move forward and keep your front inner thigh spinning outwards. This contrasting movement is the key to a strong warrior ii. 

3. My arms are uneven and unengaged! You want warrior arms! Relax your shoulders and shoot all of your energy out through your fingertips! Imagine hugging your triceps and biceps together. Don't forget to spread your collarbones as you widen your shoulder blades to release any upper body tension. 


Use a wall! Press your back up to the wall to help with your alignment or place your back foot against the wall to force your back leg to engage!