Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 2.59.08 AM.png

1️. I am only lifting from my hips and lower back - not with my chest! The key to an amazing bridge pose is lifting through your chest by bringing your breastbone towards your chin. This will create a beautiful arch shape and take the pressure off of your lower back! Make sure to spread your collarbones and keep your front ribs soft.
 Think upper chest, not lower back!

2️. My feet are turned out and my knees are over my ankles and splaying outward! The feet, knees and thighs are such an important foundation in this pose. Feet and legs should be turned forward, hip-width apart and parallel. Knees should always be in line with your ankles! Try this: focus your weight in the balls of your big toe and heel while you imagine spinning your inner thighs down towards the floor.
3. I am clenching my butt, which is squeezing my tail bone! My cervical spine is also pressing hard into the floor causing my chin to go downwards.
Overall note here: release any unnecessary tension in your body! Let your neck have it's natural curve and relax your booty - instead squeeze in the side of your hips! Remember this pose should release tension, not add more! 


 I love to put a block in between my thighs to help my legs stay parallel and a blanket under my shoulders to release neck tension.