4 Things You Should Know Before Going To A Yoga Class 

Going to a new studio can always feel a little intimidating - even after practicing yoga for years! It is easy to feel like all eyes are on you and/or you look as clueless as you may feel (lol!). If this has ever happened to you, or this has stopped you from going to a yoga class - Don't Worry! - I am here today to let you know four things you need to know before stepping foot inside a yoga class! 

1) Arrive Early: This is my number one tip!! If you are taking a new class or going to a new studio always give yourself at least 15 minutes to check in, sign a waiver, talk to the teacher, get set up and put your stuff away. If you're rushing or confused, it is going to throw off your entire energy for class! Running late? See if you can go to the next class on the schedule. Being early is your number one key to having a first great experience in any studio! 

2) Know What Type of Yoga Class it is: This is a HUGE one! There are SO many types of yoga classes (refer to Yoga Classes Translated for a breakdown of all yoga classes). Make sure you read the class description on the website, call ahead and be aware of what type of class you are about to walk into. I have walked into a class before (without checking the detailed class description) thinking I was getting ready for a relaxing yin yoga and ended up working harder than any bootcamp class!

3) Have all of Your Yogi Necessities: Make sure you have a "yoga" checklist before you head out for your class. Mine list includes: hair tie, water bottle, mat, towel, and props! Find out ahead of time what the studio offers. If I know a studio offers water, towels, props etc. then I typically won't bring my own. However there is nothing worse than being without something you need in class! 

4) Leave Your Expectations at the Door: Go into any new class open minded, ready to learn something new and being OK that you are new to the class. I promise no one is watching you in class and yoga isn't a competition, so just enjoy the experience without feeling that the class and your practice need to look a certain way. I love getting out of my comfort zone and trying new classes, teachers and studios! 

I truly hope this will make you feel more confident before stepping into any new yoga class! Is there anything you do before a yoga class? I would love to hear in the comments below!