5 Easy Ways to Make your Yoga Practice More Eco-Friendly


Happy Earth Day!

In celebration of Mother Earth, I'm bringing you 5 easy ways to make your yoga practice more eco-friendly today! Whether you pledge to try just 1 thing or all 5, you’re playing a part in making this Earth a cleaner, happier place for all of us to coexist & for that, you are amazing!

1. Invest in a reusable water bottle

I get it - when your studio sells water at the front desk, it’s all too easy to not worry about bringing your own. But plastic is incredibly damaging to the environment because it never completely breaks down! There are so many reusable water bottles on the market today that are not only chic, but will keep your water ice cold for hours - & that’s something a plastic water bottle won’t do!

2. Walk or carpool to class

If you’re lucky enough to live within walking distance to your yoga studio, why not walk to class sometimes? You’ll get a nice warmup on the way there & a nice cool down on the way home. Usually when I drive I’m stressed by traffic or rushing to be on time & it takes me longer than I’d like to get into a meditative state in class, but walking allows me time to get into a yogic state of mind. Even if you’re too far to walk, try carpooling with a yoga buddy! Either way, by using less or no gas at all, you’ll reduce air pollution!

3. Buy eco-friendly yoga clothing

There are so many yoga clothing companies out there... seriously, you could choose to buy your leggings from anyone! But why not invest your dollars in a company that’s investing in you & your planet by making sustainable products? Companies are able to make leggings out of some pretty cool stuff these days, namely recycled plastic! A few of my favorite eco-friendly yoga clothing companies are Teeki, Re3Life & Wolven Threads!  

4. Pack snacks in reusable bags

If you’re like me, you leave yoga feeling HANGRY. Especially after a Power Flow class I am craving ALL of the snacks when I leave the studio. Instead of throwing your snacks in a plastic Ziplock that you’re just going to throw out when you get home, why not invest in a reusable, silicone Stasher Bag? I’m obsessed with my Stashers. They’re basically sturdier, cuter, environmentally-friendly Ziplocks that you can refrigerate, freeze, boil & put in your dishwasher! My Stasher collection has grown alarmingly large, but I use them for EVERYTHING now & I’ve never looked back! 

5. Try an outdoor yoga class

Outdoor yoga is the ultimate environmentally friendly yoga because you’re not using any power or water like you would be if you were indoors. This Earth Day (& any day, really) try taking your mat outside for a more grounded approach to your practice. Not only will the sun on your face & the wind in your hair feel amazing, but you’ll also be able to connect with your natural surroundings in a way that can only enhance the spiritual aspect of your practice! 

An important part of being a yogi is using your practice to make yourself a better person & in turn, make the world a better place. I hope you’ll join us this Earth Day (& every day after) in putting our yoga practice to good use!


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