Want to Learn How to Use Yoga Blocks?


The secret to increasing your flexibility, building strength and making yoga poses feel amazing are YOGA blocks!! If you’re not sure how to use them or why people would want to use them today I am going to break it down for you!!


1. Yoga Blocks can make more difficult poses achievable and help you get closer to your goal by modifying! If you can’t get into a difficult pose - use a block!! They have different levels so you can keep working towards where you want to be and increase your flexibility. I love to use them for splits like in the photo above! 


2. Use a yoga block to help engage your muscles to build strength and achieve the proper form in a pose. This works great for bridge pose, chair pose and full wheel!


3. Use a block to bring the ground closer to you!! Can’t touch the floor? Use a block! I love this for a Forward Fold and Half Moon!


4. Lastly, use a block to make a pose more restorative and enjoyable! I love to place a block under my sacrum in bridge pose to relax or in half splits to gently stretch my hips. I don’t want you to ever feel that you look like a beginner using a yoga block! It actually shows you know your body and you know what you’re doing!!