Giving Back with Raw Sugar

From the moment I wake up to when my head hits the pillow at night, my goal is always to inspire others! Whether it's sharing yoga tips, posting inspirational quotes or simply living a well-balanced lifestyle, there’s nothing more important to me than creating a positive, safe community where everyone feels beautiful & feels like their voice can be heard. That's why it has always been so important to me to partner with brands that share my mission to make this world a better place! 

I feel so lucky to be able to work with a brand as philanthropic as Raw Sugar! In the past year studies have found that one in three low-income families found it difficult to afford basic household necessities (such as soap!) & so with every Raw Sugar product purchased at Target, Raw Sugar donates 1 bar of soap to a family in need. Their brand mission is to support true, unfiltered beauty while uplifting one another. I can get behind that!


Recently Raw Sugar invited me to spend the day at the Union Rescue Mission in Downtown LA, helping to hand out basic household necessities to mothers & children in need. In addition to the 1 Million (!!!) bars of soap they donated via Direct Relief, Raw Sugar ALSO donated shampoo, conditioner, body butter & other essentials like toothbrushes, toothpaste & coloring books to the shelter! 

Co-Founder Ronnie Shugar!

Co-Founder Ronnie Shugar!

I got to be a part of the assembly line, handing out the Raw Sugar Moisture Smoothie Shampoo & Conditioner! Not going to lie, I’m seriously obsessed with this stuff. Not only does it smell AMAZING, but all Raw Sugar products are processed through ColdPress Technology® to give your skin and hair only the most nutritious ingredients - just like a ColdPressed juice! AND all of their products are sustainable, cruelty-free & sulfate- & paraben-free! There’s literally nothing better than a brand with an amazing product that also gives back to their community! 


At the end of the night, Raw Sugar also served dinner to all of the families & volunteers, including a cupcake decorating station - I've never seen so many happy kids with frosting all over their faces! & in an absolutely beautiful speech that brought me to tears, founder Donda Mullis made the moving point that although beauty is more than skin deep, it's very hard to feel beautiful when you don't feel clean. Raw Sugar aims to liberate authentic beauty and create real change by asking us to look deeper - what is true beauty? As the sun set over Downtown LA, I stopped by the photo booth & was asked to share what beauty means to me in one word.

I've always believed the most beautiful thing you can be is kind. What’s one word YOU would use to describe beauty? Let me know in the comments below! Xo Melis 

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