3 Easy Ways to Be More Green on World Environment Day


Happy World Environment Day! Today is the UN's most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. While it's so important to me to be as eco-friendly as possible every day, I love having the reminder - it's made me extra conscious all day!

Here are 3 easy ways you can be more green today (& every day!):

1. Donate Old Clothing

Recently I went through everything in my closet & filled up several bags with old clothing that hadn't seen the light of day in months! I love how easy it is in this day & age to sell clothing you no longer wear via Apps like Poshmark, to donate to your local thrift shop or to have a clothing swap with friends! I'll be donating my clothing this week & sending out good vibes that they go home with someone who really needs them. The point is, there's no reason to throw anything out - clothing can always be reused, or at least recycled! If you think something is too ratty or stained to be donated, try cutting it up to use as cleaning rags!

2. Choose Eco-Friendly Plants

I recently became a #plantmom to several new green babies & learned so much about being an eco-friendly plant owner! Always choose plants that are native to your region or somewhere with similar climate conditions so that they're likely to thrive without too much extra water. If you're planting your new babies, make sure to group plants with similar water needs so that you're not overwatering plants that don't need it! Because I have my plants inside my home, it's important to me to have plants that purify the air, reducing toxins & pollutants!

My favorite low-water plants are Snake Plants, Pothos & Succulents while my favorite purifying plants are Boston Ferns, Ficus Plants, Spider Plants!

3. Be an Eco-Friendly Dog Owner

There are so many things you (& your pup!) can do to reduce your carbon foot (& paw)print - Brady & I have committed to being as green as we possibly can! The easiest thing you can start with is using biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags when you clean up after your dog. Biodegradable bags break down in one month versus the 1,500 YEARS that it takes plastic bags to break down - so crazy! I also use reusable food storage bags to store his treats instead of throwing away a plastic bag every time! Lately Brady & I have also been walking around our neighborhood instead of driving to the dog park to play. By driving less, we're cutting down on pollution AND getting more exercise to boot! On longer walks, I always make sure to bring a collapsible dog bowl so that we don't have to waste single-use plastic bottles!

What is one thing you did to be more environmentally friendly this week? Let me know in the comments below! xo Melis



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