The June Roundup

Happy Summer! I absolutely love this time of year because it always seems like fun is just right around the corner! Between the beautiful weather, refreshing treats & the longer days, summer is definitely my favorite season - what's yours?

Looking back, I traveled so much in June! These were some of my favorite moments:

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Say Yes to the Dress

This was my first time putting on a wedding dress! On a visit to Florida my mom and I were taking my beautiful Grammie for lunch. Since my Grammie can’t really travel anymore, I thought, 'why don’t we try to find somewhere in the area to try on a few dresses after lunch - just so I can share the experience with her?' What seemed like a small fun activity turned into one of the most memorable moments of my life! This was the first dress I put on & my mom and my Grammie absolutely loved it! I never knew what type of dress I would want or what style would speak to me. I will reveal that this isn’t the dress I will be wearing - but I know my Mom and Grammie really loved it so I thought I would share it with YOU! (P.S. Less than 100 days until the wedding!)

Yoga Tip Tuesdays

As more & more yoga content is shared on Instagram, it's becoming more important than ever to me to make tips that are simple, straightforward & as helpful as possible! Yoga isn't about being able to do the most advanced poses, but it's always fun to set a goal for yourself to work toward! Confession: I am more flexible than I am strong. My whole life I have struggled with building and developing physical strength & the hardest poses for me are the ones that require upper body strength. More often than not, I modify to a knees down chaturanga, but every day I'm working to develop the strength to keep my knees up more often!

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R & R in Palm Springs

While Harry was in Cabo celebrating his Bachelor party, I thought it would be a great weekend to head to Palm Springs & celebrate Global Wellness Day with Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa! Between a yoga class overlooking the mountains, spa time & an amazing cooking class, I was able to spend some much needed time reflecting & reconnecting with myself. The resort had some of the most beautiful plants & flowers I'd ever seen - not to mention their own citrus & herb garden that they use in all of the food they prepare at the hotel! I left Miramonte feeling relaxed, rujuvenated & better than ever!


Aruba has always been on my bucket list & I finally had the opportunity to travel there in June! Between the yoga classes, snorkeling, AMAZING food, beach tennis & great company, it was really hard for me to get on the plane to leave! (LOL.) Hitting the reset button is so important sometimes - you don't have to be at your most productive every second of every day. Obviously we can't always jet off on a tropical vacation anytime we're feeling a little overwhelmed, but I like to have a mini staycation anytime I need to relax & reset. All you need is a scented candle, ocean sounds, some fresh fruit, a face mask & a comfortable place to lay down & lose yourself for a little bit! 

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What was your favorite moment from June? I would love to hear - share with me in the comments below!

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