Upward Facing Bow (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

1. My feet, knees and elbows are turned out! Remember to always keep these parts of the body hip-width apart and parallel. I like to think of spinning my inner thighs towards the floor and drawing my elbows towards each other. 

2. I'm clenching my butt and dumping into my lower back! Yikes! Remember to relax your booty and press through your chest by lifting your pelvis up and shoulder blades into the spine. 
Create length in your spine! 

3. My wrists aren't under my shoulders and my neck is strained! Always let your neck hang freely and gaze in between your hands, which should be under your shoulders!


Use a belt around your thighs to keep legs hip-width apart. Use blocks under your hands (for a tight upper back) or under your feet (for a tight lower back)!