Easy Seated Pose (Sukhasana)

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 4.35.46 AM.png

1. When you hear "Comfortable seated position" or "Easy pose," you think it is just that! However, this pose takes activating some important muscles (and relaxing others) in order to feel easy and not cause injury or back pain down the road. For example, in the "Before" photo I’m letting my posture totally relax when I should be activating my core, pulling my shoulders back and keeping a neutral spine! 

2. My hands are resting limply in my lap, causing tension in my neck, shoulders and spine. Although you don’t want your arms to be strained, pick your hand position with intent. Palms up on knees to give more energy, palms down on knees to calm you down and hands at heart center to seal in your energy/practice. Have an intention with your hands and let your upper body relax!

3. Ultimately you don’t want to sit too far forward or too far back on your pelvis. Try to keep your tailbone and pelvis the same distance from the floor by finding the perfect balance in your back. Your pelvis should always be neutral! Remember to keep your gaze neutral by keeping a soft face and relaxed chin! 


 If you feel lower back pain or have tight hips, sit on a block or bolster! This will relieve so much pressure from your lower body and feel amazing!