3 Tips For Getting Upside Down

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The thought of going upside down can be intimidating (especially when people make it look so easy!)

If you want to perfect your headstand form or begin inversions here are a few of my favorite tips:

1. Make sure you have the right headstand form! For the longest time I thought I was just supposed to balance on my head and the rest of my body didn’t have to do anything (ouch for your head!!). Every part of your body needs to be engaged. Press through your arms to assist your head and shoot all of your energy up and out through your toes. Legs & core must be engaged to stay balanced! (Think full body workout!)

2. Know that it’s ok to fall (as long as you are safe!). Falling is going to happen no matter how advanced you are. Don’t get down on yourself if you can’t stay in, falling is a big part of the process and makes going upside down less scary!! Just go for it!!

3. The wall is your friend! A wall is a GREAT yoga prop!! You can leave one foot on and switch - or use it to activate your core & legs to test out how engaged your body should feel. Don’t ever feel embarrassed or non-advanced because you need a prop to assist you in a pose. If anything this makes you more advanced for knowing your body!!

Did you learn something new today about headstands? Tell me below!! Xo Melis