Crescent Pose (Anjaneyasana)

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1. My front knee is way too far forward! Your knee should never go past 90 degrees because you can cause injury to the cartilage in between the bones of your knee joint. This can cause your knee to swell and tear over time. Keep your front knee directly above your front heel to build the proper foundation for this pose! Your weight should be in your front heel, not your toes!

2. I am dumping my weight into my hips and front leg, causing my back to arch and my rib cage to protrude! Easily fix this by bringing your frontal hip points toward your chest as your tailbone goes down toward the floor. Lift out of the front leg, and extend up through all four corners of your torso. You want a neutral straight spine! This allows you to get all of the benefits of the exercise and to build strength in the proper way! 

3. All of my weight is in my front foot and leg, causing my back leg to collapse! Weight should be evenly distributed in both legs and feet! This creates length and balance! Make sure you are energetically pressing through the arch of the back foot and inner heel, and that you are lifting your back hamstring up toward the ceiling to create a strong foundation in your back leg. 


If you're a beginner, try this pose with your back heel up against a wall or with your back knee on the ground for a low lunge variation!