Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 4.30.56 AM.png

1. My knees are way too far forward, which could cause knee injury and forces me to shift my weight into my toes! When in chair pose, you should be able to look down and see your toes! If not, shift your shins back. Your weight should always be in your heels! This is your foundation so this should be your first fix always. You can see in the "After" photo I am able to lift my toes off the ground. This is another good sign that your weight is distributed correctly!

2. My back is arched and my booty is sticking out too far! Make sure you have a neutral spine and create a straight line from your tailbone to shoulders. Try pulling out through your chest as you shoot your tailbone/booty towards the back of your mat. (don't tuck it too much - think neutral spine always!) these two moves should counteract each other to achieve a nice long spine! 
(plus it feels amazing!)

3. My arms are too far forward, causing my shoulders to hunch and strain upward towards my ears. I want you to imagine lifting your arms with your chest and squeezing your shoulder blades down and together. Your arms should always be up by your ears if possible! Remember, palms should face each other and you should be stretching strongly through your wrists and fingertips.


Try leaning your back up against the wall and using it for support! You can also take your feet wider for more stability and keep your hands on your hips.