Cat Pose (Marjaiasana)

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 5.08.21 AM.png

1. My alignment is totally off! When practicing this pose, you want to make sure your knees and hips stay in line, and also that your wrists and shoulders  stay in line. Our body naturally wants to shift backwards and sink into our hips, but it is so important to lift up and out of your hips to keep everything aligned! 

2. My back legs are not hip-width apart and parallel and I am creating tension through my feet. Keep the tops of your feet glued to the mat, and also make sure your knees and feet stay hip-width apart and parallel. Additionally, my hands are turned out when all 10 fingers should face forward and hands should be parallel. 

3. Iā€™m over-tucking my chin through my chest and rounding through my shoulders. Even though your head is down, it is still important to pull your shoulders away from your ears, elongate your neck and spine and keep your gaze towards the top of your thighs!


Put a yoga strap above your knees and around your wrists to keep them hip-width apart and parallel! This will also help with your shoulder alignment!