Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)


1. My legs are wider than my hips and my feet/legs are not actively engaged! The legs and feet play a huge role in a strong bow pose. Make sure that your feet and legs are no wider than hip-width apart and that you are actively engaging through your feet and legs to lift yourself up! Envision lifting your inner thighs upward - not splaying outward!
2. Instead of lifting with my chest, I am arching with my lower back. Ouch! You can fix this by opening your chest, pressing your shoulder blades down and in and lengthening your belly away from your chest. You should be lifting from your chest and legs, not your lower back and butt! 

3. My neck is strained, my arms are limp and my shoulders are up by my ears! In this pose, make sure you lengthen through the sides of your neck and pull your shoulder blades away from your ears! Bow pose shouldn't cause any strain in your upper body!


I use a belt around my thighs to help keep my knees inward and legs hip-width apart. Try rolling up your mat under your hip bones and chest for support!