5 Tips For Planning Your Dream Wedding

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  1. Make picking a venue that works for you a top priority! The venue is the core of the wedding! We loved our venue because there was plenty of space, an outdoor and indoor option (and we didn’t have to choose until 3 hours before the ceremony), delicious food & great staff!

  2. Figure out where you can save money so you can spend more budget in areas that mean more to you! For us, we didn’t think it was important to spend a ton of money on invites, calligraphy and save the dates. I did everything through minted (they even print your envelopes for you) and saved a ton of money!

  3. Research and find amazing vendors and you won’t have to worry so much about the details! Let go of control and trust their expertise! They do this all the time!! It will make the whole process so much easier!

  4. Hire a day of coordinator - I promise it’s worth it! My wedding coordinator is the reason the day went so smooth and all I had to do was have a good time!!

  5. Make quick decisions when you can! There is so much to be done with wedding planning! Don’t take days to decide on your last song of the night or the color of the placement cards. Just go with your initial instinct and keep it moving!

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