Switching Brady to ORGANIX

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Over 6 years ago – my little Brady came into my life. His name wasn’t Brady then, it was snowflake, and he won me over with his vibrant personality and his little pink paws. I wanted to take care of a dog for so long, but I didn’t know it would change my life in such a positive way! For me I truly needed motivation in my life to get healthy, get outside and socialize. What I didn’t realize about having a dog is it truly forces you to do so many of those things. All of a sudden I was going for long walks (and runs) to the beach and meeting new people in my building who became great friends! Brady was so tiny as a puppy and he loved to run so I would jog with this little white fur ball down the street and people must have gotten a great laugh!  Over the years Brady has become my best friend, my workout buddy, my cuddle buddy and I think we are actually starting to look like one another (LOL). As a dog mom it is so important to me that Brady is getting plenty of exercise and eating high quality pet food that is going to fuel his healthy life style. I recently decided I am going to do a 90-day food switch for Brady to ORGANIX. After taking a quiz on Castor & Pollux site about Brady, they suggested that Brady try ORGANIX Grain Free Organic Small Breed Recipe and I figured I would switch Brady in order to help him live the healthiest life possible. If you have a pet go ahead and take the quiz here -> Find Your Food Quiz

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I have partnered with Castor & Pollux ORGANIX pet food because it truly is the best pet food on the market. ORGANIX is made with 95% or more certified organic ingredients (elevating it to bear the USDA Organic seal) and there are NO chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. In addition it is free of antibiotics and added growth hormones. I also love that they use no corn, soy, or wheat in their recipes. I can feel confident that Brady is eating  nutrient-rich superfood blends with additional nutritional benefits like probiotic & prebiotic fiber for healthy digestion in the Small Breed Formula. On top of all of that, it passed the Brady taste test and he cleans his whole bowl in minutes (something he has never done before!!)

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I can’t wait to keep you updated over the 90 days how the switch is going. If you have a pet, you know the importance of making sure they are healthy and happy. Now switching to Castor & Pollux ORGANIX I think Brady is truly going to be living his healthiest life yet and will be able to keep joining me on our sunrise hikes, morning walks, and keeping me company during my yoga sessions as he starts to get older. I will check in after the first month to let you know how it is going! Xo Melis

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